About PitchArmor

PitchArmor is a high-quality Turf Tape designed specifically for soccer players. Our product is designed to prevent turf burns, a common problem faced by players when sliding on turf or grass, which can lead to pain, discomfort, infection, and even cause players to miss games. We have identified a niche in the market and are focused on meeting the specific needs of soccer players.

PitchArmor was founded by Julio A. Sanchez, a marketing professional and a lifelong soccer player. Julio experienced his fair share of turf burns throughout his soccer career and heard many players say “that’s why I don’t slide”. He felt that this was an issue that was never addressed by the soccer community and that there had to be a better way to protect players’ skin. He decided to create PitchArmor to prevent turf burns from happening and ultimately allow soccer players to play without fear.


Our mission is to provide soccer players of all ages with the protection they need to play their best. We believe that soccer is a beautiful game that should be enjoyed without worrying about turf burns or discomfort. We want our customers to feel confident and comfortable on the field, knowing that PitchArmor has their back.

We are committed to delivering a high-quality product that is made of breathable, cushioning material that provides a comfortable layer between the player’s skin and the turf. Our product is easy to apply and remove, and is available in different colors that you can cut to suit different players’ needs. Our product is durable and long-lasting, providing players with reliable protection on the field.

We are proud of what we do and we hope that you will join us in our journey to make soccer more enjoyable and safe for everyone. Order PitchArmor Pro today and see why it’s the best Turf Tape for soccer players.